Everyone has a story: Jessica Hahn

""Everyone has a story"" is a weekly segment in the Arizona Daily Wildcat that aims to tell the story of an interesting person on the UA campus. This week, the Daily Wildcat interviewed Jessica Hahn, a journalism senior whose 23-year-old sister Kristin was diagnosed with kidney failure in August 2008. The family will be holding a fundraiser to raise money for Kristin's kidney transplant. Read more

Threats limit creativity

Early this semester, the UA Creative Writing program sent an e-mail to creative writing instructors stating that students who submit inappropriate work should be disciplined. Read more

Census responses needed for funding

The government is counting on everyone to fill out the census, but don't worry; they'll find those who forgot. Today marks National Census Day, and although many students have a different permanent address than their school address, they still have to fill out a census for the area in which they currently reside. Read more