Students protest tuition hike

UA President Robert Shelton, Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Chris Nagata and Regent Rick Myers gathered with upward of 50 students and community members to hear testimony from across the state regarding the latest tuition and fee increases. Read more

Shelton reflects on presidential pressures

In the four years since he took the reins as UA president, Robert Shelton has had to navigate many stormy seas. There have been budget deficits, department mergers, staff and faculty layoffs, tuition hikes, negotiations with a difficult state and the curious case of Lute Olson's on and off retirement. Shelton recently shared his thoughts on dealing with high-powered decision-making and the pressures of his job. Read more

Arizona club runs past ASU

The Wildcat Running Club ran from Prescott to Mesa in the Ragnar Relay del Sol, which began Friday afternoon, continued overnight and ended Saturday afternoon. Read more