Immigration reform group hosts town hall

Activists in the Reform Immigration For America organization say 2010 is a promising year to see some real change in immigration legislation. Several students and one UA professor took the first step Friday by having a town hall-type forum. Read more

UAccess Student Center to replace Student Link

Students can relate to D2L being on the fritz, especially at a crucial time, like the night before a term paper is due.Most students know what it's like to deal with D2L being down at inconvenient times, like the night before a term paper is due. Read more

Zach of Diamonds

21-year-old Zach Goldberg has been winning money in poker games since he was 15, but over winter break the UA senior managed to play his best hand yet, winning $300,000 at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Read more

New grant to help library

A new endowment has been established in memory of anthropologist and ethnohistorian Henry ""Hank"" Dobyns' anthropological collection of books and materials. Read more

New self defense club kicks off

While funding for women's safety programs on campus has been severely cut, one UA student is taking the issue into her own hands by forming the UA Women's Self Defense Club. Read more