Tanning poses health risks

Students say tanning beds provide them with a short-term way to achieve the bronzed look they desire, but not without long-term health effects, experts say. Read more

ASUA senators tour new Rec Center

If you regularly attend the Associated Students of the University of Arizona meetings on Wednesdays, do not be surprised to be sitting in the Ventana Room of the Student Union Memorial Center alone this evening, because the location has changed. Read more

Did you make a wish?

Carl Hergenrother is a senior research specialist in the UA lunar and planetary laboratory. He received his undergraduate degree in atmospheric sciences from the UA in 1997 and has discovered four comets and thousands of asteroids throughout his career.The Daily Wildcat discussed this week's Leonid meteor shower with Hergenrother. The meteor shower will take place Tuesday and Wednesday morning of this week when the Earth passes through 500 year old dust particles that were left by the comet Tempel-Tuttle. The UA Steward Observatory is hosting a guided program for the shower at the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter this evening. Read more