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Cracking some common myths about COVID-19

As of March 16, there have been over 4,400 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States, according to The New York Times. Here are ten different myths and facts about COVID-19, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, the novel strain of coronavirus. Read more

Online classes: a protective measure to flatten the curve

In a time where the world seems to be falling apart, it is normal to wonder what all of these protective measures are for. Three words best capture the reason why the nation seems to be going through such extensive measures — flattening the curve. But what exactly is this curve and why is a flattened curve so important for proper protection against the novel coronavirus? Read more

Authors to look out for, despite cancellation of festival

When Norma Elia Cantú was a child, poems leapt from her imaginative mind, inspired by the folklore tales her grandmother used to tell her. Today, she is an award-winning author, the president of the American Folklore Society and a professor of folklore, creative writing and Latinx culture at Trinity University in San Antonio.   Read more

ASUA Notebook 2/26/19: Senators meet to revisit old business

 The Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the university’s undergraduate student governing body, met on Wednesday, Feb. 26, to revisit old business, including many of the proposals made last week, with updates on the appropriations budget/committee and movement with the mental health committee. Read more

Data shows high levels of species extinction

Cristian Román-Palacios and John Wiens, who work in the University of Arizona Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, conducted research that led to the discovery that 44% of the species they were analyzing had gone extinct in certain sites.   Read more

Police Beat 3/4/20: Setting fire to the world

Couch Candle Let’s admit it, we all have a little bit of pyromaniac in us. Lighting little things on fire every once in a while can be a weird little guilty pleasure. Most of us know pretty well, on the other hand, that lighting furniture on fire probably is a very bad idea, especially if you decide to do it with a firecracker.  Read more