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Updated October 16, 2021

National experts to talk democracy, U.S. Capitol attack at College of Law

While people around the country grapple with the implications, consequences and events that led up to the attack on the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, a group of notable experts are coming to the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law to discuss the attack, the events that preceded it and what it means for the current state of American democracy and governance.  Read more

Tucson declared a climate emergency: What happens next?

As University of Arizona junior and climate activist, Kyle Kline, chanted among several hundred concerned Tucsonans at a September 2019 climate strike, his hope was that city officials would solidify their commitments to climate action.  “The main asks for the strike were the climate emergency declaration and the climate action plans,” Kline said.  During the following year, Kline dedicated his time away from classes to gathering signatures, planning another climate strike and advocating alongside environmental organizations with the hopes of proving to city administration that this is what members of the community want.  Read more

Reentry update: Task force discusses university vaccine distribution plans, increasing statewide COVID-19 numbers

The University of Arizona’s COVID-19 reentry task force met Monday for the second briefing of the spring semester. The force discussed procedures for the first week of the spring semester and increasingly grim COVID-19 data. University President Dr. Robert C. Robbins reiterated his announcement from last week that the UA will begin the spring semester in Phase 1 of the reentry protocol, which permits only “essential” classes of 50 or less to meet in person. Read more

An update on Diversity & Inclusion at the UA

Students and staff at the University of Arizona have been calling for action against on-campus discrimination for years, and in the fall of 2020, the expanding diversity and inclusion systems on campus might be poised to give it to them. “There's some great things happening at the University of Arizona, but they're happening in silos,” said Ivy Banks, the new associate vice provost of Diversity and Inclusion.   With that sentence, Banks highlighted the hope and main critique of students and staff alike.  Read more