How to make the most of student discounts

 College students are already spending thousands of dollars on tuition, making it safe to say any discount they can get means a lot. Here is a list of discounts you can enjoy for just being a student.  Read more

Resources for the LGBTQ+ community

The Equal Opportunity Policy of the University of Arizona states that UA provides equal opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation. Here is a list of resources that are available to all members of the LGBTQ+ community in Tucson and on UA campus. Read more

Starting the path to being politically active

As college starts this year, local mayoral elections are occurring in August and more broad-scale elections are starting to peek over the horizon. That being said, getting engaged in politics can be difficult when away at college, in or out of state.  Read more

NASA chooses UA for MIRO program

The University of Arizona was recently chosen as one of the colleges for the Minority University Research and Education Project Institutional Research Opportunity, or MIRO.    Read more

Apollo 11's moon landing celebrates 50 years

On Saturday, July 20 at 8 p.m., in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s moon landing, University of Arizona graduate student Amanda Stadermann spoke in the Warden Oasis Theater at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum about the moon’s continuing scientific significance.  Read more

Q&A: From Oklahoma to Ohio to Arizona

Awndrea Caves, a University of Arizona alumna, will be joining the faculty at the College of Humanities as a lecturer of Africana studies in the Fall of 2019. Caves Spoke with the Daily Wildcat about her background, hobbies and teaching style   Read more