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Daily (9/25)
944 31 3.3%
Total (8/4)
35,583 2,255 6.3%
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Updated September 25, 2020

Police Beat 2/26/20: Kicking and Screaming

Grand Theft … License Plate? Getting things stolen from your car will most likely happen to all of us once in our lifetimes. It’s already happened to me twice — cars are an easy target. Stealing wallets, purses, stereos, electronics, etc. is expected when we think of larceny from a vehicle. One University of Arizona student probably didn’t ever think he’d have to make this report though. Read more

UA student lands Brooke Owens fellowship and prestigious internship

Brooke Owens Fellow Lindsey Koelbel, an aerospace engineering major at the University of Arizona, expects to intern at HawkEye 360 this coming summer.  Koelbel decided to come to the UA because of the College of Engineering, which offers an aerospace-specific degree. Originally planning to leave the state, Koelbel said she feels extremely fortunate with her decision to go to the UA because of its affordability, resources and opportunities. Koelbel says her interest in the STEM field started at a young age with a “knack” for puzzles and problem-solving. Read more

College of Humanities adds emphasis in video game studies

The University of Arizona is joining over 400 other United States colleges and universities by offering an emphasis in game studies for a Bachelor of Arts in applied humanities by the Department of Public and Applied Humanities starting in fall 2020, according to a UA press release.  The new emphasis in the applied humanities major will focus on the cultural, industrial and artistic importance of video games throughout the years and offer a variety of classes related to video game history and development. Read more

Get to know the ASUA president candidates

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona held its primary elections last week and two of the three presidential candidates move further in the process. Rocque Perez and Tara Singleton are both juniors running for the position of ASUA president. The Daily Wildcat got to know both of them and their platforms better.  Read more

Get to know the ASUA election candidates

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona will be holding general elections for next year's senate and executive leaders on March 3-4. Here's everything you need to know about this year's candidates. Read more

Researchers named senior members of National Academy of Inventors

Four University of Arizona Researchers were named senior members of the National Academy of Inventors on Feb. 11.  The NAI is a member organization that was created in 2010 to recognize and encourage inventors with U.S. patents and translate their inventions to benefit society. Senior members are active faculty, scientists and researchers that have successfully patented, licensed and commercialized their inventions within their communities and aspire to make an impact for the good of society.  Read more

What you should know after the ASUA primary elections

The primary elections for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona concluded Feb. 19. The elections saw three candidates for student body president, two for executive vice president, one for administrative vice president, six for senator-at-large, and senators running for 11out of the 13 colleges. There are 16 positions for senator, meaning that there will be three elected senators for senator-at-large out of the six running.  Read more

UA offers free health screenings for employees

The University of Arizona's Life & Work Connections has partnered with the State of Arizona Department of Administration Benefits Services Division to offer 20-minute health screenings for full-benefits staff members to get one free health checkup. Read more