Anger works in funny ways

Being a journalist or part of a journalism entity is a lot like being an athlete: People in the general public will love you when you're on and hate you with a fiery passion when you're off or do anything to upset them. Read more

ASUA Senate candidates remain shiny - and vapid

No one is claiming that tomorrow's Associated Students of the University of Arizona general elections bear any considerable weight on the minds of most of the more than 40,000 students the organization claims to represent. Most of us don't care about this a fraction of the amount we care about Nic Wise's game-winning buzzer beater. It would be nothing short of astonishing if the voter turnout was anywhere near the 14,545 people it takes to fill McKale Center. But our general apathy should not allow unqualified, inexperienced students to claim the 10 ASUA Senate seats and over $1 million budget of the largest representative body at the UA. Read more