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OPINION: Tips on documenting protests

The influx of citizen journalism activity over the past month has flooded the internet with crucial evidence regarding police brutality, especially as it pertains to recent protests. Without these firsthand videos, our only documentation of injustices would come from mainstream media, which has revealed its biases time and time again. Although this documentation has been and is currently essential to proving true the existence of police brutality, journalists of any degree are now called more than ever to protect the citizens they catch on camera.  Read more

BOOK REVIEW: Controversial author offers border insight

Francisco Cantú's new biography “The Line Becomes a River” is an attempt to come to terms with what he experienced in those four years and what occupied his mind the most once he left. Beautifully written and just in time for the national discourse on immigration to reach new heights, “The Line Becomes a River” is a definite must-read.  Read more

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Truth about Alicia’ shows human struggles

When I picked up Ana Consuelo Matiella’s book “The Truth about Alicia,” I found a gem of a completely different kind than I was used to. I recommend this book of short stories to anyone wanting to step away from mainstream reading, or anyone interested in genuine human stories. Read more

OPINION: If DACA isn't fixed, acts of disobedience may become necessary

We have to do more than hope and care. Actions, even at the micro-level, matter. It was the actions of participants in the Civil Rights Movement — Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, protesters organized sit-ins at the Woolworth lunch counter, etc. — that gave way to bigger events and bigger marches, which led to the Civil Rights Act. Read more

OPINION: Outreach programs give former inmates new opportunities

If the U.S. is dedicated to ending prison overcrowding and lowering the national crime rate, it should dedicate itself to prisoner outreach programs. These programs help contact inmates and offer them support groups, high school diplomas, job experience and counseling that can help them once they are released. Read more

EDITORIAL: UA must put student needs above athletic dollars

As Daily Wildcat reporting has revealed, the community was not informed they would have to pack up and leave until just a few weeks before the end of the fall semester. When they were finally told what was happening, the resulting move, hastily planned and poorly executed, left students searching for parking permits and dealing with other headaches. Read more