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Updated July 15, 2021

OPINION: The truth, ideally, would be free. It's not

The American people have expressed their distrust in the media, which has begun a national discussion on our information gathering methods. The most pertinent aspect of media, and the journalism profession itself is civic duty. As citizens of the United States, we are given the unalienable privilege of self-governance. In plain English, we have the right to engage in our government’s actions through voting. We have a say.  Read more

OPINION: Get Vaccinated

The entire country is in the middle of a divisive and long winded argument over the balance of group security on one side, and individual freedoms on the other, and Arizona is an interesting microcosm of the debate at large. Read more

OPINION: Why it's important to read for leisure

The National Library Trust in the United Kingdom defines reading for leisure as “reading we do of our own free will, anticipating the satisfaction we will get from the act.”  Leisure reading is a way for students to be able to take a break from school, work and all their real world troubles and dive into a different world — whether that be fiction or non-fiction. Leisure reading gives the reader a sense of control.  Read more

OPINION: How do you like your healthcare?

There are many pros and cons to having universal health care. Countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe have adopted this structure. The United States is among one of the few countries that do not subscribe to this system. Read more

OPINION: Is there a border crisis?

Democrats and Republicans were involved in a long-winded and embarrassing staring contest that ate up the greater part of January, and while we are now back up and running, the questions have not yet been answered, and we are floating dangerously close to seeing another shutdown if we don’t kick it into high gear. Read more

OPINION: Plus-sized in a small-minded world

My journey with loving my body has been a bumpy one. In fact, my journey is still going. I once equated skinniness with happiness. My perspective has changed, and I’m grateful for that progress. I went from crying in dressing rooms to dancing around to music while trying on clothes that society would deem too scandalous for my fat body.  Read more

OPINIONS: State of the Union Address through a student's perspective

Not very many college students watched the State of the Union address, based on my general knowledge of my peers, and the fact that according to Salon and Rasmussen Reports, Americans under the age of 40 get the majority of their news from political satire. It’s hard to blame college students who barely have time to wash dishes for not taking almost an hour and a half out of their day to watch a very long speech. Yet, there are several reasons why college students need to watch it. Read more

Who are you celebrating this Valentine's Day?

Whether you're celebrating a significant other, a relative or an 18th century British explorer (what?), Valentine's Day has everyone thinking about the loving, or not so loving, relationships in their lives. Here's who our Daily Wildcat columnists are celebrating this year on the day of love.  Read more

OPINION: Protesting for a reason

Last week, I stumbled upon a protest happening in front of the university’s administration building. The protestors were standing silently, and I feigned to see what was going on, before I realized it was in honor of Trayvon Martin’s birthday. Their protest seemed to rouse some negative opinions, because I overheard people saying their signs were “rude” and out of place. It seemed odd that a silent protest would stir such negative comments, but that leads me to my overall opinion of the situation: Read more

OPINION: Hulu vs. Netflix

There are a lot of streaming services, but the two most popular are Hulu and Netflix. They both have a different platform of content. Netflix has a wide set selection of movies and older TV shows, but Hulu has a larger collection of current TV shows and a smaller selection of movies. So what I’m thinking is, which one is better for the best price? Read more