OPINION: Eyebrow threading is cost effective method

Women have been shaping their eyebrows since the beginning of time. Historically, eyebrows have always been a hot button of contention. Unibrows? Plucked to nothing? Rounded or arched? Today, there are three main ways in which women tame and shape their eyebrows: threading, tweezing, and waxing.  Read more

Fraternities: Let's do better

This article pertains to the experiences of male UA students who do not belong to a fraternity that offered to voice their opinion on Greek life. As a reporter, I feel that there is validity behind the words of these boys, and that they are not the only students who feel this way. I write this article and those that follow in this series in an effort to educate the community. Hopefully, by voicing these concerns others who share them will come forward, and the UA Greek system will become the positive experience for all who engage with it, member or not.  Read more

OPINION: Arizona cannot let student exemption win

 Arizona’s vote to raise the state minimum wage from 8 dollars to 12 passed back in 2016 by a wide margin, carrying 58% of the statewide vote and carrying with it every county except for Graham county (1). This level of support for our minimum wage workers was a surprising wake up call to our legislators in Phoenix, who have historically kept our state wage within a dollar of the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour (2).  Read more

GUEST LETTER: Why Amazon didn't pick Tucson

So, if the executives of the rich companies in these locales espouse diversity and care about the poor, why don’t they establish headquarters in a city like Tucson, which sorely needs additional tax revenue and imported wealth? Read more

Spring Fling opinion: Everything you need to know to prepare for the fair

Spring Fling is an exciting and fun time for many students. According to the ASUA website, there are “over 35 rides, games and, of course, the over 20 original food booths!” However, I do believe that, for some people, Spring Fling isn’t all fun and games. The tents and structures make getting around extremely difficult, especially if you come in through the Campbell entrance. I learned this the hard way, when the whole end of the Mall was closed off and some girl and I had to fight through trees and bushes to get to class on time.  Read more