OPINION: You’re not sexually liberated, you’re 13

In the age of Facetune and Instagram, it’s almost impossible for these younger generations of girls to not feel pressure to skip the awkward phase and head straight into the sex-appeal of womanhood. It’s a pressure our generation, only a few years older, never felt – at least when we were 13. We looked every bit of our age – so what’s changed? Read more

OPINION: After two years, COVID-19-conscious students deserve to have some fun without pandemic guilt

Being at a college with such an intense party culture, I’m sure we have all heard these phrases in the past couple of months: “In the middle of a pandemic, really?” or “Stay home!” After two years—and given the fact that Covid really does seem to be in retreat, according to public health authorities like the CDC—these guilt trips are unfair to the students who have done their part and gotten vaccinated. Read more

COLUMN: Alex's music roundup April 5

This week will have music from the indie/alternative genre from well-known artists that have come into a new era of themselves. Opinions writer Alexzandria Martinez delves into the newest on the scene in her weekly round up.  Read more

OPINION: Greek Life is not what you think

I hear people say all the time that students in sororities or fraternities are more concerned about when the next party is than they are about their seven-page paper due Monday morning. Because of this stigma around party culture, the numerous benefits of the  Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association are frequently overlooked. Read more

OPINION: Traveling as a college student is worth it

Whether someone is traveling around their city, state, country or abroad, traveling comes with so many benefits. Traveling, especially as a college student, is one of the best ways to experience new cultures. According to Travelex, traveling can help people become more independent, boost happiness and reduce stress.  Read more