OPINION: There’s nothing godly about being religiously predatory

Whether you are a Christian, a Buddhist or an atheist — it really doesn’t matter. The religious groups on campus often go way too far and their style of student outreach is both inappropriate and predatory. These groups target students — young people — who are more impressionable and susceptible to the harsh notions being pushed upon them.  Read more

OPINION: Any body is a beach body

Phrases such as “summer body” put the message out there that we have to change our bodies to fit a certain mold when summer approaches. It can be harmful to us and our mental health as the media and diet culture push the idea there is a specific body type that is better than others. Read more

OPINION: Three graduating seniors share college advice

Three seniors just spent the last four years of their lives pursuing higher education. There have been many lessons learned and plenty of growth made. Hear from them in their own words, their feelings around graduation, their advice to new students and what lies in the next chapters of their life.  Read more

OPINION: Graduating college is a big deal, be proud of yourself

Over the past four years, we have been growing and learning how to become adults, living through a pandemic and adjusting to challenges and changes that we have been faced with along the way, all while working towards earning a degree. Graduating college is a huge accomplishment and milestone in our lives.  Read more

OPINION: A year of failed politics in Arizona and the US

 As the class of 2022 prepares to graduate, there is no doubt that the politics across the state and country have affected their day-to-day lives. This school year has brought many political controversies and struggles, causing difficulties for several students and employees.  Read more