OPINION: Does Tucson still need rodeo days?

Feb. 24 and 25 this year will find students across Tucson released from school for rodeo break, a holiday that presumably allows for Tucson citizens to attend the local rodeo. Many students, though, are not seen in attendance at the rodeo, leading to the question, "are rodeo days needed anymore?" Read more

OPINION: The University of Arizona needs to stand in support of the Equal Rights Amendment

We as students need to push ourselves and the University of Arizona to fight for the ERA’s guarantee of gender equality and stand up for anti-discrimination policies that could make the UA a more equitable place. Women and people of all genders are continuously facing a plethora of challenges due to a lack of legal protections — but the acknowledgment of equal rights in our constitution and on our campus should not be one of them.  Read more

OPINION: Teenage girls shouldn't be the butt of your joke

Teenage femininity is a battle against every societal standard that is shoved down your throat from a young age. Teenage girls are consistently picked apart for their interests, hobbies and habits. Whether it is liking One Direction or sports, there is always someone there to comment on how obsessive they are or claim they are just trying to seek some form of attention or validation from others.  Read more

OPINION: What is self-love?

 “Love Yourself,” “practice self love,” “put yourself first” are phrases that are heard and seen often in our society and on social media. But what is self-love anyways?  Read more

OPINION: Let's talk about love bombing

The bottom line is healthy relationships don't begin with an “I love you” and dozens of roses on the first or second date. Being love bombed is not true love; it's a form of manipulation and a “love” that won’t last long.  Read more

OPINION: The dangerous trends surrounding food on TikTok

One toxic community that can be found on TikTok is one that promotes unhealthy eating and relationships with food. Although it is not always intentional, a handful of the videos on TikTok are promoting and triggering disordered eating and unhealthy relationships with food and our bodies. The more we see this type of content, the more normalized it becomes.  Read more

OPINION: Let's talk about toxic positivity

Emotions and feelings are important. Masking them and pushing them to the side can be more harmful than one might think. We don’t have to be positive all the time, all emotions are valid. We don’t always have to put on a positive face and pretend that everything is okay, when in reality that’s not how we truly feel. Read more

OPINION: 'The Yak is Back': Revival of anonymous social media platform brings negativity to campus

Despite past controversies, Yik Yak is attempting a comeback, branding the revival, "The Yak is Back." According to the app’s website, the new owners purchased the rights to the platform in February of this year, and sought out to reconstruct the app in a way where bullying and violent comments are prohibited and positivity is encouraged. This revival is still bringing negativity to our campus, despite the efforts to make the app more of a positive place.  Read more