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OPINION: Tips on documenting protests

The influx of citizen journalism activity over the past month has flooded the internet with crucial evidence regarding police brutality, especially as it pertains to recent protests. Without these firsthand videos, our only documentation of injustices would come from mainstream media, which has revealed its biases time and time again. Although this documentation has been and is currently essential to proving true the existence of police brutality, journalists of any degree are now called more than ever to protect the citizens they catch on camera.  Read more

Should border patrol be on campus?

 I first heard about the encounter between UA students and border patrol officers when the sound of the girls’ screams came around the corner. I was walking home at the time, and I saw a group of about ten girls were following two men in matching uniforms, but I couldn’t tell who they were exactly.   Read more

The real Arizona is competitive

 Arizona is a state at war with itself. Despite for decades being a bulwark of small government conservatism that produced such Republican icons as Barry Goldwater and Sandra Day O’Connor, Arizona is no longer the reliable Grand Canyon holdout Republicans used to have. And this image of a state trying to discover itself as we approach the start of a new decade can best be seen in the stark contrast between the messages sent by many of our representatives, state and federal, and the recent report on the reliance of states upon the federal government.  Read more

GUEST LETTER: UA trademark licensing policy negatively affects student clubs

Club officers of the many University of Arizona recognized clubs were surprised this winter by a new policy that began on Jan. 1, 2019. The new policy states that every club that desires to produce club shirts for its members must now go through the UA Bookstore’s Direct to Campus program for all club shirt orders. This policy was imposed with the intention “to provide student groups very clear direction about the use of UA trademarks while limiting the number of required reviews and revisions”.  Read more

Is it your responsibility to be sustainable?

 Sustainability is defined in three ways. Being able to be used without being destroyed, using systems that do not destroy natural resources, and the ability to go on and last for a long time. The human race has not had a good track record of being sustainable.   Read more

OPINIONS: Bring back construction workers

There is nothing I love more than a smooth, freshly renovated road that makes even my humble minivan feel like it is a high end piece of technology that is gliding through the city, kept back only by air resistance and speed limits. Read more