OPINION: Traveling as a college student is worth it

Whether someone is traveling around their city, state, country or abroad, traveling comes with so many benefits. Traveling, especially as a college student, is one of the best ways to experience new cultures. According to Travelex, traveling can help people become more independent, boost happiness and reduce stress.  Read more

COLUMN: Alex's music roundup March 18

As the year has progressed, more music has been released from the indie genre and many are musicians with a dedicated fan base. These albums are very anticipated in the indie genre. This week's roundup shows beloved bands and artists coming out with music post pandemic.  Read more

OPINION: Has social media helped us open up about mental health?

In recent years it has become more and more common for individuals to open up about mental health. Through social media there have been countless posts shared with resources, personal stories and motivational posts to show support. The content that has been shared is helping to normalize the discussion of mental health and mental illness and break the stigma behind it.  Read more

OPINION: Live in the moment

We get worried about what comes next in life, but forget to take the time to appreciate where we are right now; now used to be what came next.  Read more

OPINION: Let women be women

Women’s rights have progressed monumentally, and Women’s History Month is a celebration of all of the important ways that women have contributed and continue to contribute to society. However, even today, women and girls are berated for their every like and dislike, from trends and fashion to popular culture.  Read more

OPINION: Guns on campus cannot be the new normal

S.B. 1123 recently passed through the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee. This bill would allow concealed carry on college campuses throughout Arizona. Opinions writer Sophia Hammer discusses how the bill could be harmful to college communities across the state.  Read more