OPINION: When can we accept that working out is just not for everyone?

I’ll say it: the gym is scary. Teeny girls in short shorts and sports bras, people hulking out with the weights and shirtless Beefcake McGee standing over your shoulder waiting for the squat rack is not what I would describe as welcoming. It’s so easy to get intimidated by the gym — and for a lot of people, it’s not what you need right now.  Read more

OPINION: More schoolwork in college means less effort from students

Allow me to set the scene for you. You are 18, maybe 19 years old, in your second semester of your freshman year. You arrive to your first class, a general education course in a big lecture hall, and your professor begins to go over the syllabus. Within that word file is a six page novel outlining every one of the readings, discussions, essays, group projects and exams that are due each week. What do you do after class? Read more

OPINION: Why is attendance still mandatory in 2021?

As August has most definitely slipped away into a moment in time, school is officially back in session. Per syllabus disclaimers and curious students inquiring from the back of class, attendance policies have become the forefront of discussions held during initial class meetings.  Read more

OPINION: Discord is going to revolutionize classroom communication

I am quite confident that students, myself included, have already received a multitude of emails from classmates, inviting them to join a GroupMe chat. However, what if I were to say that there’s another app that has risen through the ranks of messaging apps? An app that has the potential of revolutionizing communication in the classroom? That app is Discord. Read more

OPINION: Why Twitch streaming is so addictive

When I was young, the early 2010s was a time of experimenting when it came to the internet. All sorts of websites were either being invented or gaining traction. Facebook was dominating the social media industry, YouTube was becoming a household name for watching video content and then there was Twitch, which was one of the first websites to capitalize on the concept of gaming streams.  Read more

COLUMN: How I got an education through Disney Aspire

Hey Disney lovers, ready for another behind the scenes look at the Magic Kingdom? I thought you might, so sit back, relax and enjoy another magical journey through the Walt Disney Company. This time, I thought I would tell you about how I ended up at the University of Arizona. Read more

OPINION: Fat is not a feeling

“I feel fat” is a phrase we often hear people say to describe their current emotions and feelings. However, what exactly does this mean? Many men and women walk around repeatedly using this phrase, but few people know what they are truly implying and the harm they may be causing when they say this. Read more

OPINION: A letter to first-generation students

To my fellow first-generation friends,  Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Arizona! Stepping onto campus on your first day of class is an accomplishment in itself. I want to start off this letter with a firm reminder: You belong here.  Read more