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Updated February 28, 2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Campus etiquette, transportation options and internship opportunities 101

For new students, maneuvering through your first year at the University of Arizona means more than getting from point A to point B. Easing that navigational stress means figuring out what works for you. Whether it's learning to not walk in the bike lanes, being the one on the bike, or cycling through job listings, our staff has you covered with pointers on getting where you need to go, no matter the destination.  Read more

OPINION: Highlighting some of the best aspects of Tucson

Whether you're a native or newbie, there is a lot to love about Tucson. From beautiful landscapes to delicious food to a vibrant downtown scene, there's something for everyone to discover in this city. As a welcome students to the university, our editors shared their favorite thing about the city surrounding the University of Arizona. Read more

ART IS ACTIVISM: March 4 Justice Tucson and celebrating Black artists

There are many lanes of action to take when striving for change. Protesting, organizing, mutual aid, art and so on are interconnected in the world of activism. Art is a form of activism in itself — it has the power to counteract and transcend injustice by providing different perspectives and encouraging peace. Through an array of mediums, its inherently emotional makeup is capable of connecting and motivating people to action.  Read more

GUEST LETTER: Recent law graduates to Dean Miller

Dean Miller, Recent graduates of the James E. Rogers College of Law are facing unprecedented times. Of course, that is no surprise to anyone.  Cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. are reaching dangerous levels. The Mayor of Phoenix has come out and stated that the city has reached a critical point. Read more

OPINION: Violence has always been the answer. So what changed?

Since the murder of George Floyd on May 25, protests have sparked around the country in retaliation of his death, and also in response to the injustices Black and brown people face every single day. People of color, activists and allies are done being complacent — no longer taking no for an answer to the question of change.  Read more

OPINION: Cop Shows are Changing Your Mind. Here's How

What do you know about crime? More importantly, how did you learn what you know? Cop-related television shows impact our ideas of the world around us as it relates to race, crime and law enforcement. Studies show that these perceptions are warped by the media that we consume.   Read more