OPINION: Consider this before you adopt that pet

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. If you think you have a hectic schedule as is, it will be more occupied with a pet. This isn’t to frighten you, it’s essential to make sure our pets are living their best days beside their owners. Read more

OPINION: Let's talk about the negativity that surrounds boobs

“People are scared of big boobs” is what Billie Eilish said in an interview in response to the loss of over 100,000 followers on social media following the singer's release of a sexy photoshoot for Vogue. The artist who is known for her baggy clothing street style has in the past tried to cover her figure in attempts to avoid the objectification that is synonymous with women in the spotlight. We now see that it was for a good reason as the minute she did show off her curves she received an immediate and mass influx of public disapproval.   Read more

OPINION: What the Texas abortion law means for us

The coming of Friday cast what Justice Sonya Sotomayer rightly termed “a cold comfort,” as the United States Supreme Court decided to let the Texas Abortion Act remain in effect. At the same time, the majority-conservative bench agreed to review the Act based not on its constitutionality, but its relationship with state-level judiciary.  Read more

OPINION: How to have a fun, sober Halloweekend

Halloween is a fun holiday for many people. It’s exciting to dress up as vampires, witches, black cats or zombies. It’s nostalgic to reminisce about the nights spent running door to door around your childhood neighborhood begging for candy. Some of the magic of the holiday disappears once you reach adulthood, but Halloween in college can bring something a lot of people find even more fun than trick or treating: parties.  Read more

This is My Opinion!: the DW Opinions podcast

This is My Opinion! is a weekly Daily Wildcat podcast that raises popular questions and picks the brains of our opinion staffers. Hosted and produced by the Opinions desk at the Daily Wildcat. "Online all the time, at dailywildcat.com." Listen anywhere you stream podcasts including Spotify or Apple Podcasts! Read more

OPINION: It is okay to not have a plan after graduation

“What are your plans for after college?” This is a question college students get asked time after time at every family gathering, by parents, by friends and professors. This is a really commonly asked question, and it’s a good one. What are my plans? Read more

OPINION: Perfectionism is a problem

Perfect is an adjective we all want to describe ourselves with. Striving to earn a  4.0, receive 100% on every exam, and complete every task flawlessly. However, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. Read more

OPINION: Delving into domestic violence on college campuses

With the Gabby Petito case and countless other cases in the news surrounding the issue of domestic violence, it is more important now more than ever to ensure that not only the laws regarding domestic violence are tightened, but that the public grasps a deeper understanding of what domestic violence consists of. October serves as domestic violence awareness month, and this year it holds an entirely different weight given the effects the pandemic has had on domestic violence.  Read more