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Local bookstores remain undefeated

It's walking through an aisle filled with books that bring back memories from an easier time. I grew up reading because my mom said so. There was no grand prize for learning to read, no one goal to achieve. In fact, many of the prizes were a finished book with fun sequences to play out in my head. Read more

OPINION: It's legal for Doug Ducey to appoint Martha McSally, but we can change that

If you believe it is unfair McSally may be receiving the Senate seat because a Republican must be appointed to the seat by governor, maybe a petition should be started so we no longer have to worry about a similar situation in the future. A good amount of Arizonans should agree a special election is the best way to fill a vacant seat, as it allows all voices to be heard.  Read more

COLUMN: What Hunter S. Thompson can teach us

I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for any and all knowledge pertaining to the Sixties. Arguably one of the most gripping decades in modern history, the stark contrast between the beginning and the end of those turbulent 10 years has long piqued my curiosity about the evolution of American values, as well as the contribution those values made to the formation of the counterculture movement.  Read more

OPINION: Finals are over – what now?

 It turns out, taking a mental break, like everything else in life, is best taken in moderation. If you remain stationary for too long, you lose all forward momentum and it’s harder to get started again, as a result. So, how can you combat this?   Read more

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Planning our last 12 years

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, greenhouse gas emissions need to be cut almost in half by 2030 to avert "global environmental catastrophe." This is a satirical take on what our columnists plan to do in their last twelve years on a normal earth. Read more

Correspondent view: Migrant caravan remains stalled at the border

On Sunday, the United States temporarily closed the border crossing between San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. In what President Trump called an invasion, over 5,000 immigrants are living in makeshift tents in just a couple miles south of the border. For two weeks, groups of a migrant caravan from Honduras have been arriving in Tijuana heading to the U.S. Read more