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UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (7/15)
57 3 5.3%
Total (8/4)
274,434 4,382 1.6%
Includes tests since August 4, 2020
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Updated July 15, 2021

OPINION: Goodbye spring break

The University of Arizona's Office of the Provost announced the cancellation of spring break 2021 and has opted for seemingly randomized days off throughout the semester which they've woefully titled "reading days" — there is frustration from every part of the UA community. Read more

OPINION: More work does not equal more learning

Students are feeling the full effects of taking online courses, from ever-increasing amounts of stress to back and eyesight problems. It is imperative that professors acknowledge and address the amount of work they are piling on students since COVID-19 doesn't seem to be backing down any time soon. Read more

EDITORIAL: Cancelling Spring Break was not the right move

On Oct. 14, Provost Liesl Folks sent an email officially cancelling Spring Break for the 2021 spring semester. Citing efforts to “limit the spread of COVID-19,” the university replaced the week-long break with a series of five reading days spread out throughout the semester, with one in February, two in March and two in April, with only March 9 and 10 being on consecutive days. This development has sparked the Opinions Board at the Daily Wildcat to put together a statement on not only the Spring Break decision, but also health in the time of online school in general.  Read more

OPINION: Vote blue no matter who part 2: Save the nation

In March, I made the case to “Vote blue no matter who,” as the democratic candidate race narrowed to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. I argued that the “Bernie or bust” movement was problematic, as well as Biden supporters saying they wouldn’t vote for Bernie (they just didn’t have as catchy of a name). I would now like to make a new case to you, one that you may have heard before, but it is so important that I had to write a whole column on it: vote blue no matter what.  Read more

OPINION: Just vote vs. vote blue

Should people vote for who they want to lead, or should they stay home if that person is President Donald J. Trump? Daily Wildcat Editor-in-Chief Sam Burdette and Managing Editor Pascal Albright debate how U.S. citizens should be using their vote this election season.  Read more