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Updated April 12, 2021

OPINION: Supreme x Leigh Bowery to end homophobia (Oh, and sexism)

The "predatory guy in an Anti Social Social Club shirt and Comme De Garçons Converse" trope is exhausted yet somewhat deserved. Streetwear’s overriding sexist and homophobic male audience has always been apparent, thriving not only in forums and comment sections but also college campuses much like ours.  As explained by Beth Gibbs, co-owner and creative director of UNION Los Angeles, the term “streetwear” was “created by men [in] an attempt to categorize a multi-faceted, multicultural movement that inspired a different approach to apparel.”  Although this definition technically includes varying groups of people, many brands that capitalize on this sort of fashion are cishet-male-dominated. But, with the development of contemporary designs paired with its inherently androgynous aesthetic, wouldn’t the community be more openly accepting and defy gender norms? Read more

OPINION: Pride Month would not exist without activism

We are currently going on day thirteen of Black Lives Matter protests all over the globe. The fact that this is happening during Pride Month put the cherry on top of this scrumptious cake. There would be no Pride Month without activism. There is no Pride Month without people fighting. Read more

OPINION: Tips on documenting protests

The influx of citizen journalism activity over the past month has flooded the internet with crucial evidence regarding police brutality, especially as it pertains to recent protests. Without these firsthand videos, our only documentation of injustices would come from mainstream media, which has revealed its biases time and time again. Although this documentation has been and is currently essential to proving true the existence of police brutality, journalists of any degree are now called more than ever to protect the citizens they catch on camera.  Read more

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Thoughts about bars and restaurants reopening

Frog & Firkin and other bar-restaurant establishments have officially reopened their patios for dining services. Downtown social spots like Hi Fi are welcoming back customers on account of Gov. Doug Ducey’s green light to open as of May 15. Many people are already out getting drinks with friends, some sporting face masks and others opting not to.  Read more

OPINION: Who would we rather complain about?

 Since Bernie Sanders announced the end of his public campaign on April 8, I have been torn about where to cast my vote come November, or if I should even vote at all. That Wednesday left Bernie supporters disheartened and outraged that our party’s presumptive nominee is now Joe Biden. Although Bernie will remain on the ballot, the end of his campaign has led him to fall back and endorse Biden to prevent another four years of Donald Trump. Read more

OPINION: Staying sane over video calls

Like everyone else right now, I’ve been spending an insane amount of time video chatting with my friends. I miss them more than I thought was possible, and what I wouldn’t give for just an hour laughing on the couch with them. Read more