OPINION: It is okay to not have a plan after graduation

“What are your plans for after college?” This is a question college students get asked time after time at every family gathering, by parents, by friends and professors. This is a really commonly asked question, and it’s a good one. What are my plans? Read more

OPINION: Perfectionism is a problem

Perfect is an adjective we all want to describe ourselves with. Striving to earn a  4.0, receive 100% on every exam, and complete every task flawlessly. However, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. Read more

OPINION: Delving into domestic violence on college campuses

With the Gabby Petito case and countless other cases in the news surrounding the issue of domestic violence, it is more important now more than ever to ensure that not only the laws regarding domestic violence are tightened, but that the public grasps a deeper understanding of what domestic violence consists of. October serves as domestic violence awareness month, and this year it holds an entirely different weight given the effects the pandemic has had on domestic violence.  Read more

OPINION: Four reasons why you should learn another language

I’m a Mexican-American woman and my first language was Spanish. Soon after I learned English. Being bilingual has helped me in different situations in life, whether it’s at work, helping someone or simply communicating. Learning another language, or at least Spanish, will benefit you and help you stand out.  Read more

OPINION: Experience doesn't pay the bills: The problems with unpaid internships

October brings with it crisp leaves (or dead grass, if you’re in Tucson), cooler weather and a fresh load of stress for college students, whose new-semester giddiness has worn away into next-semester anxiety. We’re planning out our schedules, panic-booking appointments with our advisors and, for some, mass applying to internships.   My thoughts? There are absolutely zero reasons for unpaid internships.  Read more

OPINION: What not to wear: Halloween costume edition

October is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner. At the University of Arizona, Halloween — wait sorry — Halloweek is a holiday many hold more dear than Christmas. Dressing up every night of the week and spamming your Instagram followers with countless amounts of photos is seen as a right of passage for some student on a college campus. Read more

OPINION: Go ahead and change your major, nobody is judging

Young adults deciding to go to college is a big milestone in itself. Truthfully, picking out a major to study should take an extended amount of time because it’s essentially going to be your livelihood. There are two ideas students typically follow when choosing a major, which are majoring in what you truly enjoy or what will make you the most money.  Read more

OPINION: Anxiety is more than an anxious feeling

Worry is a feeling that we are all familiar with. So many of us have experienced a racing heart and a mind filled with endless thoughts. Whether it’s an upcoming exam, presentation or a big event coming up, anxiousness and worried feelings are a natural response that we feel in stressful situations.   Read more

Topic of the Week: The songs getting us through midterms

Midterms are in one word, rough. Tests, presentations and projects all seem to pile up out of nowhere and it can be extremely difficult to find time to unwind. One short and easy way to relax when your stress levels are astronomical is through music. The Opinions Desk knows this all too well and we compiled a list of songs we are all using to get us through midterms.  Read more