OPINION: Go watch a UA sports game, you will not regret it

There are many factors that go into selecting a university to attend after you graduate high school. Excellent academics, active nightlife, wonderful weather and top sports teams are just some of what future college students hope to have. Well, start looking forward to the beginning of the school year, because the University of Arizona has all four!  Read more

OPINION: The NCAA needs to do something about the transfer portal

The summer used to be a time where recruiters could relax, knowing that their freshmen commitments and current players were locked in and ready to go for next season.  That is no longer the case as recruiters, coaches and universities scramble during every offseason to keep their players from leaving. The main pipeline that athletes use to leave their schools is the NCAA transfer portal. Read more

OPINION: An economy of uncertainty awaits the class of 2021

As vaccines and policy shifts bring about a new era for the U.S. economy, the newest class of University of Arizona graduates enter a job market that is, for lack of a better word, weird. Remote work, high burnout rates, general restlessness and shifting fiscal policy all contribute to a world where no one really knows what to expect.  Read more