UA COVID-19 Test Tracker

Daily (12/8)
669 11 1.6%
Total (8/2)
66,070 1,065 1.6%
Includes tests since August 2, 2021
Data from https://covid19.arizona.edu/updates
Updated December 8, 2021

ART IS ACTIVISM: Documenting history with local artist Robbie Lee Harris

The decay of a work’s relevancy is a common fear amongst modern-day creatives. After all, it’s the buzz that fuels longevity, at least in the popular sense. Our third and final artist of the mini-series, however, hopes that his work is left as a blip in our socio-political timeline. Robbie Lee Harris said  that his “[U]ltimate goal is that we get to a place where my mural doesn’t make sense.”   Read more

OPINION: The perils of unregulated skincare

A poor definition by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and social media advertising have allowed the rise of popular skincare products without any regulation to ensure they aren't dangerous. The consequences range from discomfort to permanent damage and it's time we do something about it. Read more

OPINION: It's 2021. Let's talk about porn.

OnlyFans is shaking up both social media and the traditional sex industry. The subscription-based site provides a source of unique content for fans and a revenue stream for its users that is often essential in weathering a COVID-19 era downturn in traditional business. Read more