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Daily (7/15)
57 3 5.3%
Total (8/4)
274,434 4,382 1.6%
Includes tests since August 4, 2020
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Updated July 15, 2021

OPINION: Why ethnic studies are vital

Ethnic studies is an important part of education at every level, not only for learning about cultures other than one's own, but for becoming a more well-rounded student and doing better in school overall. Read more

OPINION: Disney's "Mulan" unsurprisingly causes controversy in the film world

The debut of Disney's live-action remake of the classic Mulan was championed to be a movie representing Chinese culture that would not be white-washed. However, amidst controversy surrounding the Chinese government detaining an ethnic minority, Uyghur muslims, in re-education camps, as well as government-backed police brutality against Hong Kong protesters, Disney is now facing a massive boycott for a thank-you note at the end of the film. Read more

OPINION: Is race a factor?

In the aftermath of Kyle Rittenhouse murdering two unarmed people in Kenosha and not being shot or harmed in any way, let alone immediately arrested, we call into question how so many can deny the existence of white privilege.  Read more