OPINION: Family weekend is great for out-of-state students

 Family weekend is an opportunity for students to show their families around the campus, get their much-needed grocery shopping done and just have some good, ol’ fashioned family time. But family can visit whenever, not just Family Weekend. So what’s the big deal?  Read more

The cost of cotton

 Arizona has long tried to deal with the largest inhibitor of growth into the hottest parts of the state: water. The Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona estimates that the Grand Canyon state uses about 2.5 trillion gallons of water a year over its 7 million residents.   Read more

GUEST COLUMN: Go register and vote

This year, the stakes are too high to sit out on Election Day, especially for young people. If the Republican allies of Donald Trump remain in power, we are the ones who will bear the brunt of their destructive policy agenda, from irreversible damage to the environment to inhumane immigration policies to their attempt to repeal Roe v. Wade. This November, we must take action at the ballot box. Read more

Are women in the Middle East oppressed?

What do you envision when you think about women in the Middle East? The common picture blasted all over the news is women wearing dark burqas and niqabs, unable to go outside without a male escort, unable to attend school or work, without freedom in any sense of the word.  Read more

GUEST LETTER: UA NROTC honors Senator McCain by upholding his values

GUEST LETTER: Although flags are no longer at half mast, University of Arizona’s Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit continues to honor Senator and Navy Captain John McCain’s passing away on Aug. 25 by striving to emulate the values of honor, courage and commitment that the senator revered throughout his military and public service career.  Read more

As baby boomers retire, job market will become more competitive than ever

In the 1980s it was easy as walking up to the manager to get a job in the field you wanted. However, now students must juggle work experience and a balanced education to even be thought of for a job. Companies have entry level positions that don’t require a degree, according to sites like career.com or indeed.com, but hearing that can cause some confusion. Although the entry level position might not require the degree, moving up in that certain company will.  Read more