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Local bookstores remain undefeated

It's walking through an aisle filled with books that bring back memories from an easier time. I grew up reading because my mom said so. There was no grand prize for learning to read, no one goal to achieve. In fact, many of the prizes were a finished book with fun sequences to play out in my head. Read more

Gym fight: Campus Rec vs. Kamps Fitness

The University of Arizona’s Student Recreation Center is one of the nation’s top collegiate recreation facilities — No. 9 according to Best Value Schools. Located on the corner of Highland Avenue and Sixth Street, UA students receive free membership for each semester that they take at least one unit, not including summer.  Read more

Just think about it: Nike and corporate 'wokeness'

Last week, athletic apparel company Nike rolled out its new ad campaign in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brands iconic “Just Do It” motto. With a deep stable of athletic talent on its roster to draw from, Nike instead choose Colin Kaepernick as the face of its campaign.  Read more

It's not just you, Tucson's getting hotter

It’s no secret that Arizona is hot. Nobody is trying to cover up the fact that Arizona regularly clocks temperatures above 110 degrees every summer, or that the Grand Canyon State not only has the two hottest cities in the United States — Phoenix and Tucson, in that order. It is also home to the highest average temperature location in the country, Lake Havasu City, where a scorching 96.4 degrees is the summer average, according to AZ Central.  Read more

OPINION: A primer on newly-appointed Arizona SenatorJon Kyl

For 10 days afterJohn McCain’s death, his Senate seat for Arizona had been left vacant. Governor Doug Ducey filled the seat last Tuesday with a familiar face, Jon Kyl. Kyl is originally from Nebraska and is the son of John Kyl, a member of the House of Representatives for Iowa. The University of Arizona brought Kyl to Tucson; he earned a bachelor's degree and attended the James E. Rogers School of Law. Read more

OPINION: What do you think about when you hear 'the Middle East?'

What do you think of when you hear “Middle East?” Is it Aladdin in a far-off, exotic place with a genie and a magic carpet? Is it famine and war? I bet ISIS came to mind. Is it vast deserts littered with oases? Perhaps it is beheadings, burqas, protests or even prosperous princes and princesses. The thing is, the Middle East is incredibly diverse and its borders are the subject of constant debate.  Read more

GUEST LETTER: The UA Strategic Plan lacks everything that would make it stand out

Before proceeding any further with the UA Strategic Plan, I would urge everyone involved to read Gaye Tuchman’s 2009 book "Wannabe U: Inside the Corporate University" (and for an added bonus, especially for its vicious dismantling of the empty, and yet still-with-us, term “excellence,” pick up Bill Readings’s marvelous 1996 "The University in Ruins").  Read more

Sometimes, first isn't best - or right

Here at the Daily Wildcat, we like to pride ourselves on not just getting you, our readers, the most up-to-date and important news happening on campus, but also our ability to bring those stories to you before anyone else.   Read more

OPINION: Arizona about to elect its first female senator, but gender equality issues remain

Arizona has had a very interesting and sometimes awkward relationship with its female legislators, as the Grand Canyon State has never had a woman represent it in the Senate in the 106 years it has been sending senators to Washington. Now that Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema have both won the nominations for their respective parties, it seems like that trend is about to finally reach its conclusion and will remove Arizona from the 21 other states that have never elected a woman to the Senate. Read more

The primary is not secondary

 We at the Daily Wildcat believe every vote is important, and each acts as a powerful voice to change some of the largest problems we see in government today. We are calling on each of you not to neglect this year’s primary election.   Read more

Unpopular Opinion: Voting kinda sucks

Surely, my 17-year-old self would have cried knowing what I have become, but it’s no use to think about principle. I see the election signs, but I just don’t feel it. I don’t believe in it this time around.  Read more

The evidence against President Trump mounts as the witch hunt continues

“NO COLLUSION - RIGGED WITCH HUNT!” was randomly tweeted between a plethora of insults and condolences on Wednesday by President Donald Trump. These tweets were posted one day after Michael Cohen plead guilty and Paul Manafort was convicted on eight charges. What has this done for connecting Trump to Russian collusion? Read more