Police Beat 11/5/2021: No harm, all foul

If you need a good laugh or a reason to sober up during the last stretch of the semester, check out this week's edition of police beat! This week, Vic fills you in on the dance professor that got a DUI on a school day, Annabel recounts a minor in possession incident and Kate tells you the story of a guy who lost his wallet and found a date in court. Read more

Unidentified Jeep wrangler wrangles Jeep Wranglers

UAPD is actively investigating four car thefts that occurred since the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. Police advise that Jeep Wrangler owners or a similar vehicle with an exterior hood latch consider acquiring an anti-theft mechanism or locking device to protect their vehicle from break-ins. Read more

Wildcat Weekly Recap Podcast

Welcome Wildcat listeners to the Wildcat Weekly Recap podcast! This weekly show will highlight University of Arizona news of the week! Everything from campus reentry briefing updates, to UAPD happenings to Administrative and ASUA updates. Join Host and assistant News/Science editor Maggie Rockwell on a weekly journey through the news you missed! Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or anywhere you stream podcasts! This show is released every Friday! SHARE, COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRIBE! Read more

Police Beat 2/3/21: The booze is back in town

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had police beat, but it’s back and better than ever, folks. The semester is well under way, along with all of our favorite college campus antics. On a more serious note before we get into the entertainment, six reports were made for vehicular break-ins during the week of Jan. 18, three of them being on a single day. Make sure to lock your cars and be weary of keeping valuables inside.  Read more

Police Beat 2/26/20: Kicking and Screaming

Grand Theft … License Plate? Getting things stolen from your car will most likely happen to all of us once in our lifetimes. It’s already happened to me twice — cars are an easy target. Stealing wallets, purses, stereos, electronics, etc. is expected when we think of larceny from a vehicle. One University of Arizona student probably didn’t ever think he’d have to make this report though. Read more

Police Beat 2/12/20: Blame it on the alcohol

What’s the number one thing we’re told to do when being stopped by a police officer? Hint: It’s not to run. Apparently, a university student was not aware of this when she was approached by a University of Arizona Police Department officer in the early morning hours of Jan. 31 near Banner — University Medical Center.   Read more