Police Beat 4/3/2019: Special Delivery

 Getting a package is always a treat, whether it’s cookies from mom, a sweater from grandma or a bong from yourself. However, only one of those will get you in trouble with the law. A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Coronado Residence Hall after the mailroom attendant reported the scent of marijuana coming from inside a package on March 11. Read more

Police Beat 3/13/2019: Pranks a lot!

  A bunch of jugheads “It’s just a prank, bro,” is not a legitimate legal defense, as several Arbol de la Vida Residence Hall residents learned after a prank war in the hall got out of hand and the University of Arizona Police Department got involved on Feb. 19. Read more

Police Beat 2/27/2019: Smoke and mirrors

Meat wasn’t the only thing to get grilled Jan. 25. The University of Arizona Police Department questioned a man barbecuing. Two officers made their way to an alley north of Speedway Boulevard near the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house after receiving a report of smoke and a potential fire at approximately 2 a.m., according to police.  Read more

Pobeat 2/20/2019: Sign shenanigans and room rascality

 A Sign to Stop Sometimes when you ask the universe for a sign telling you whether or not you should be doing something, for example stealing a road sign, it makes the answer pretty clear, like when the word “stop” is literally right in front of you. Read more

Police Beat 2/6/2019: Featuring a Surprising Amount of Balconies

 Don’t Threat on Me An attack on an Uber driver! A balcony monologue! Mysterious pants! It was an eventful night for one man before, during and after a party at the former Kappa Sigma fraternity house on Jan. 20. According to the University of Arizona Police Department report on the incident, an Uber driver picked up four people at approximately 1:40 a.m. and began to drive them to a party. Read more