Taking a Second Look: Prospective medical students visit UACOMT

Every year, prospective medical students around the nation revisit the medical schools where they have been accepted. Often called a Second Look, this two-to-three-day event allows students to explore campus, meet medical students and faculty and experience what it is like to be a matriculant at the hosting institution. Read more

Busting health myths, one post at a time

Health Cats is an on campus branch of the Student Health Advocacy Committee where club members create newsletters and social media posts in hopes to spread awareness about health related topics.  Read more

New gas giant in the making?

Researchers across the United States including researchers from the University of Arizona alongside researchers from Japan found evidence of a giant gas planet beginning to form using the Subaru and Hubble telescopes.  Read more

Smart drug delivery technology

Minkyu Kim, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Material Science and Bioengineering at the University of Arizona, is developing novel techniques to deliver drugs that mimic red blood cell function. This development could improve efficiency of drug delivery and reduce costs as well as improve patient experience.  Read more