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New study finds less than 10% of Americans have antibodies against novel coronavirus

Now nearly seven months into the global pandemic, the world has seen a wide gamut of strategies to battling the coronavirus. In Sweden, the futile attempt to induce herd immunity led to a sharp increase in the number of deaths nationwide. In the U.S., despite nearly 7.5 documented infections and over 200,000 reported deaths, a new study published in The Lancet on Sept. 25 found that under 10% of Americans have antibodies against the coronavirus. Read more

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Daily (9/25)
944 31 3.3%
Total (8/4)
35,583 2,255 6.3%
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Updated September 25, 2020

Long-distance discovery: Tracing the origins of Turquoise in Arizona

The Killick Lab at the University of Arizona has been studying Canyon Creek Mine in east-central Arizona for information on historical mining in Native American history. The results? The turquoise mined from Canyon Creek had been traded by the tribes farther than previously thought, after the lab had investigated the properties of the gemstone. Read more

Restoration efforts bring the All Souls procession to the Santa Cruz

Historically, the All Souls Procession route has been downtown starting on 6th Ave and continuing onto Congress St. This year, with the help of the Sonoran Institute, the procession ran parallel to the Santa Cruz from Speedway to Congress. The Sonoran Institute built a float in honor of the river for Sunday's procession. Read more

UA Skin Cancer Institute holds 4th annual melanoma walk

As the weather cools and warm summer heat begins to disappear, more people make their way outdoors to participate in activities such as walking, biking and running. However, not everyone is still thinking about sunscreen. That is a potentially life-threatening mistake.  Read more

How ideas about gender shape medicine

In 2010 and 2011, Plemons interviewed two doctors and many patients. He sat in on clinical consolations and surgeries, collecting qualitative data. He said two main schools of thought emerged based on the question of what transgender people need from medicine. Read more

Going 'beyond the bikini' in healthcare

“Much of women’s health care, especially for younger women -- age 20-plus -- focuses on a woman’s reproductive organs and breast cancer screening. Yet one out of three women in the United States will die from heart disease each year, compared to one in 32 who will die from breast cancer.” Read more

Hangover cures: beneficial or bust?

With the imminent homecoming festivities, if you’re anything like me, it’s likely you’ll have a few adult beverages. However, if a few drinks turns into many, a lovely hangover can be waiting for you in the morning. But fret not! There are steps that can be taken to subvert alcohol’s cruel revenge.  Read more