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Engineering Design Days showcases student inventions

On May 1, teams of engineering students showed off the fruits from a year’s worth of work for Engineering Design Days.  One hundred and five different teams were tasked to design and/or construct prototypes and concepts of gadgets ranging from an anti-drone device to a tube that would help prevent choking in hospital patients. Read more

Despite policy efforts, natural gas slowly replacing coal

President Donald Trump focused much of his campaign speech on reviving the failing coal industry with deregulation and more jobs, but Derek Lemoine, an assistant professor of economics and UA Statistics-Graduate Interdisciplinary Program professor, said Trump’s rhetoric has a few issues.  Read more

Sawmill Fire: Wildfire a hot topic for UA experts

A wildfire sparked in the Santa Rita Mountains Sunday and is currently sweeping across the Coronado National Forest. It has already claimed over 40,000 acres of mesquite, oak and riparian woodland, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. Read more

Students progam self-driving cars during three-day competition

The autonomous car is part of the Cognative and Autonomous Test Vehicle Competition, a hackathon-esque, three-day challenge where teams of two to four students collect data from the car's sensors, code instructions to the car, and eventually run a system to make the car drive on its own. Read more