UA students walk out in protest of President Trump's climate change vision

UA students protested President Trump’s climate change vision outside of Old Main this Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Organized by Students for Sustainability and spearheaded by environmental studies and geography senior Diego Martinez-Lugo, who is also chair of the Energy and Climate Committee for SFS, the walkout sought to raise climate awareness and urge the UA to take action in making the campus more eco-friendly. Read more

Undergraduates present biology research at annual conference

Hundreds of undergraduates gathered to present their work at the Annual Undergraduate Biology Research Program Conference on Saturday, Jan. 21. Posters lined the rooms of the second floor of the Environment and Natural Resources 2 building, which flowed with the knowledge of bright minds working in their preferred fields. Read more

Four ways for undergrads to get involved in science research

The UA offers plentiful opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research. Many professors offer individual research opportunities to students who show interest and to those they believe capable of taking on the responsibility. In addition, a number of formal opportunities exist for motivated students. Follow William Rockwell on Twitter. Read more

Science around town: four Tucson events this spring

While you may know that Tucson hosts the world’s largest gem and mineral show every year, did you know that the city also has a Beat Back Buffelgrass Day? As college students, we spend most of our time cramming for tests, juggling insane work schedules and waiting in line for our caffeine fix at Starbucks. However, it might be worth sacrificing some extra sleep, because Tucson is hosting some science-themed events in 2017 you’ll want to be awake for. Read more

Student teams show off tech skills, ideas at Hack Arizona

Cheers erupted from a full Centennial Hall on Friday, Jan. 13, following the opening ceremony for Hack Arizona, the largest hackathon in the Southwest, hosted by UA. Hack Arizona is geared toward college students interested in creating and learning about new technologies. Read more

Horror movies in winter: what makes us enjoy fear?

Halloween may be months behind us, but that hasn’t stopped filmmakers from doing their best to scare our wits out in the middle of winter. Case in point: ”The Bye Bye Man,” a new supernatural horror film, opened to excellent sales last Friday. But if horror films are timeless, one might ask the question: Why do we enjoy being scared at all? Read more

OSIRIS-REx to search for Trojan Asteroids

In February, the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx will begin a search for Trojan asteroids—unique asteroids that share Earth’s orbit. The search will take place over a period of 10-12 days and will be conducted by a team at UA’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. “[This search] gives us a chance to really practice a maneuver that we will execute again in 2 years and ensure that we’re performing it correctly, our cameras are working appropriately, and it’ll be an added plus if, during that search, we find a Trojan asteroid,” said Sara Knutson, OSIRIS-REx science operations lead engineer for the mission. Read more