College of Medicine hosts virtual health care disparities forum

The University of Arizona College of Medicine hosted a forum Feb.10 to discuss steps medical health professionals can take to address healthcare disparities and the social determinants of mental health, providing their patients with an overall more accomodating and beneficial experience. Read more

UA researchers working on communicating with plants

University of Arizona researchers have received a $25 million grant to develop a better way to communicate with plants and understand their signals. The UA researchers have been looking at this in terms of helping make plants more resistant to droughts. Read more

Turning the tide against malaria

After decades of research, testing and development, the world may finally have a vaccine to turn the tide against malaria. The new malaria vaccine, also known as RTS,S or by its brand name Mosquirix, was developed by GlaxoSmithKline. Read more

A penny for your thoughts

A recent study found a correlation between brooding and negative thoughts. The study had the goal of seeing how/what thoughts arise and unfold over time when people have nothing to focus on. It also had a major emphasis on the effect of brooding on one’s mind. Read more

New plastic could remove tons of sulfur from oil plants

University of Arizona researchers have been working on developing a plastic that can help remove tons of sulfur buildup in oil companies around the globe. Jeffrey Pyun and Kyung-Seok Kang have been able to develop a plastic that is both elastic and flame retardant from sulfur. Read more

Behind the Beaker: DW Science Podcast

Behind the Beaker is a science podcast created by Alex Pere, about the unbelievable science and even more unbelievable scientists behind it at the University of Arizona. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast or anywhere you stream podcasts! Weekly episodes feature scientists from across the board. Read more