UA Cancer Center celebrates 40 years

This week, the UA Cancer Center celebrated the renewal of its prestigious designation, their 40th anniversary and the five-year, $17.6 million cancer center support grant they recently received from the National Cancer Institute. Read more

Meet some Wildcats who worked on OSIRIS-REx

Now that the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is launched into space, meet some Wildcats who worked on the project in collaboration with NASA and learn about the different roles all of their efforts played in its successful takeoff. Read more

UA scientists help update national valley fever guidelines

Fever, fatigue, headaches, joint aches, chest pain, coughs—these symptoms send people to the doctor regularly, and the diagnostic possibilities are vast. Yet, in Southern Arizona and Southern California, there’s one possibility that’s often overlooked: valley fever. Read more

UA community celebrates OSIRIS-REx launch on the mall

Amidst the bustling of classes changing, the UA mall hosted pre-launch festivities in order to celebrate the launch of OSIRIS-REx. Students, faculty and members of the community were able to join the Arizona OSIRIS-REx team to watch a live broadcast of the pre-launch activities and the launch itself in Florida. Read more

OSIRIS-REx's 34-day launch window opens Thursday

OSIRIS-REx's long-awaited 34-day launch window opens Sept. 8, shortly after 4 p.m., Arizona time. The UA-led mission is set to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida with the goal of rendezvousing with the asteroid Bennu and retrieving a sample from its surface. OSIRIS-REx is the first NASA mission to collect samples from an asteroid and bring them back to Earth. Read more

UA experts help national team develop HIV cure

UA infectious diseases experts will collaborate and become part of a national team working to develop a cure for HIV through a $28 million, five-year grant funded by the National Institutes of Health. The UA is one of 18 institutions participating in the Martin Delaney Collaboratory program, and will be a part of the BELIEVE—or Bench to Bed Enhance Lymphocyte Infusions to Engineer Viral Eradication—project. Read more