UAZ Divest challenges UA’s $64 million investment in fossil fuels

Student-led organization UAZ Divest is on a mission to discontinue the University of Arizona’s investments in fossil fuels, which as of 2019, amount to over $64 million. The Daily Wildcat spoke with UAZ Divest members senior Frances Slater, junior Stella Heflin, and sophomore Samantha Wetherell to discuss the organization’s goals and plans for the future. Read more

Sports science: The bone chilling truth about concussions

Injuries are prevalent in sports and there is no way around it. By moving your body in constant motion and as fast as athletes run, twist and turn, something is liable to go wrong. In college sports, however, concussions are one of the most talked about injuries in the NCAA. Most get their first look at a concussion during a college football game when one player gets drilled by someone on the opposing team. Read more

UA College of Medicine selected for an internship program

The American Society of Clinical Oncology is the nation’s leading professional organization of oncologists and cancer researchers. As part of ongoing efforts to increase diversity in the field of oncology, ASCO has selected five medical schools to participate in the Oncology Summer Internship program. This program aims to train upcoming second-year medical students underrepresented in medicine. Read more

UA researcher and his grandfather work together on latest research

Devin Bayly explained their research with an example where he said, “consider two rhyming words like champagne and membrane, or any two you like: a small pleasure is felt when the second word is heard forming a rhyming link with the first. These two inputs to the brain generate an output so there must be a system of neurons to make the link.” Read more