Behind the Beaker: DW Science Podcast

Behind the Beaker is a science podcast created by Alex Pere, about the unbelievable science and even more unbelievable scientists behind it at the University of Arizona. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast or anywhere you stream podcasts! Weekly episodes feature scientists from across the board. Read more

Q&A with Dr. Nathan Price: COVID-19 vaccinations and disease in children and adolescents

To address some common questions raised by parents and community members concerning vaccinations for children, the Daily Wildcat interviewed Dr. Nathan Price, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson. Price addressed the similarities and differences of COVID-19 infection in children and adults, the rise of the Delta Variant and the importance of vaccination.  Read more

Interstellar research group holds their 7th annual symposium

The seventh annual national Interstellar Symposium featured numerous presentations on a range of out of this world topics, from black hole bomb beams to the effects that space has on physiological processes in the body to the process of creating dynamic propulsion methods for rockets. Read more

Researchers seek participants for jet lag study with $500 compensation

University of Arizona researchers are seeking participants in a new study that looks for ways to combat the effects of jet lag, with a focus on circadian synchronization. The study is funded by the Department of Defense to support the special operations forces, who may suffer from poor circadian synchronization due to rapid overseas deployment, night operations and shift work. Read more

UACOMT performs tree blessing ceremony

The University of Arizona College of Medicine class of 2024, participated in the annual Tree Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony honors individuals and families who donated their bodies to the College of Medicine for anatomy instruction and dissection.   Read more

UA researches using swarms of robots to mine on moon's surface

A group of University of Arizona researchers have received funding from NASA to research potential space mining methods using robots. The team, led by the College of Engineering, is working on creating a system of robots that would be able to mine the moon’s existing resources in order to build infrastructure on the moon, rather than transporting vast amounts of materials from Earth to the lunar surface. Read more

Students earn $1K by participating in this COVID-19 study

A new study is working to understand what the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission is among students with the Moderna vaccine. Dr. Elizabeth Connick and Dr. Lori Fantry from the University of Arizona Department of Medicine are the researchers conducting the study. Read more

UAZ Divest challenges UA’s $64 million investment in fossil fuels

Student-led organization UAZ Divest is on a mission to discontinue the University of Arizona’s investments in fossil fuels, which as of 2019, amount to over $64 million. The Daily Wildcat spoke with UAZ Divest members senior Frances Slater, junior Stella Heflin, and sophomore Samantha Wetherell to discuss the organization’s goals and plans for the future. Read more