Q&A: Testing Mars exploration drones

University of Arizona scientists will be testing Mars exploration drones in Iceland. Christopher Hamilton, UA associate professor for the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, is the principal investigator on this project. In order to learn more about the Mars exploration drones, the Daily Wildcat spoke with Hamilton about the project. Read more

Vaccinations for people with intellectual and developmental disorders

The pandemic hit people in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities — referred to as I/DD — community with many challenges and left an already marginalized group even more vulnerable. Prioritization of vaccination in this group is crucial, but Arizona’s vaccination plan for this community has been variable based on where one lives. Read more

Is there a disadvantage to taking online labs?

Laboratories are offered fully online, live-online and flex in-person. There are no labs that are allowed to be fully in person. At most, six students and one instructor are allowed in the lab at the same time, which means that most classes follow a laboratory rotation of splitting the class up to four sections and having the student only attend the lab every other week on a rotation.  Read more

Tumultuous 2020 and siege on Capitol spurs political activism amongst UACOM-T medical students

The attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 left our nation reeling. Across the country, institutions of higher learning — their students, staff and leadership — responded to the riots with strong statements of dissent. Likewise, the University of Arizona College of Medicine — Tucson medical students expressed their condemnation and disbelief to what transpired at our nation’s sacred temple to American democracy.  Read more

The UA to become point of distribution for COVID-19 vaccine

The Pima County Health Department has designated the University of Arizona to be one of the points of distribution for vaccination as a part of Phase 1B in the vaccine rollout plan. The UA will administer the Pfizer vaccine at no out-of-pocket expense. They will primarily be serving teachers, educators and childcare workers. This includes teachers, faculty and staff at the K-12 schools in Pima County, Pima Community College and over 15,000 faculty and staff at the UA. Read more