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Lipedema: Often mistaken for obesity

UA researcher Yann Klimentidis received a $115,000 grant for research into lipedema, a condition that causes disproportionate amounts of fat to develop around the hips, legs and thighs. The condition is found almost exclusively in women, and is easily mistaken for standard obesity. Read more

Stars, storms and Sean Parker

Sean Parker, native Tucsonan and internationally-recognized astrophotographer, has ‘aurora borealis' socks. The green socks act as a lucky charm to help him capture the photos he’s known for.  Read more

Soy may help prevent breast cancer

Researchers from the University of Arizona Cancer Center are studying the impact soy has on breast cancer, testing if compounds in soy could have any effect on breast cancer. Read more

Many ways to use a mushroom

The MycoCats organization recycle and grow mushrooms with a focus on sustainability, as well as make spawn and fruiting bags to sell to local growers. According to Pryor, the funds from these sales support two to three student employee's half time at the lab.   Read more

Intergalactic Probiotics

Researchers have put the entire microenvironment of the human gastrointestinal system on a microchip the size of an SD card -- and it will help humans survive on Mars. Read more

Green grads

Here are three recent UA graduates who are putting their degrees to work in green ways. Read more