Here's how to have a sustainable semester

As students, you’ve all been told a hundred times how important it is to be sustainable. Your gen-ed science professor preached about it, the student-run organizations tried to recruit you and even your roommate called you out for leaving the lights on in the kitchen. Read more

The flow of what's below: A million dollar idea

The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded the University of Arizona geoscientists a three-year, $1 million grant to research fluids beneath Earth’s surface. The goal of the project, titled "Evolution of Crustal Paleofluid Flow Systems," is to get a better understanding of the effects and reactions of underground fluids, such as oil, groundwater and gas. Read more

The joys of using someone else's computer

The cloud, or as I like to call it, “someone else’s computer,” has become thoroughly integrated into our daily lives. We can automatically back up our pictures to iCloud, turn in our homework using Dropbox and email our peers gigantic files using Google Drive. Cloud services have become so easy to use they seem to have created a mystique surrounding what is actually happening to our data when they're uploaded to "the cloud."  Read more

An Earful: Disappearance, deception and alternate reality in "Rabbits"

“Rabbits” is a story about a journalist’s search for her missing best friend and the frightening alternate reality game that ties into her disappearance. The main character Carly Parker is tired of police ignoring her concerns about her best friend Yumiko, and decides to do some digging herself — but she quickly gets wrapped up in the strange and complicated ARG known only as Rabbits. Read more

STEM faculty share their favorite sci-fi movies

STEM faculty at the University of Arizona were asked what their favorite sci-fi movies of all time were. Below is a list of their choices, including a little information about the reality of the science depicted within the films, as well as their cultural importance. Read more

Guide dogs hopefuls require a hands-off approach

A “helicopter parent" may not be the best candidate to raise a future guide dog, according to new research from the Arizona Canine Cognition Center. The most successful guide dogs had less attentive mothers as puppies, making them more independent. Read more