The Arizona Athletic's super seniors

Back in 2020, the NCAA decided to give all fall and spring athletes a mulligan year due to the pandemic disrupting the sports seasons. In many instances, including at the University of Arizona, it has led to larger, oversized rosters across the country as so-called super seniors return for a fifth year of eligibility.  Read more

From Tenino to Tucson: A tennis journey

Going from playing tennis indoors for nearly nine months of the year in his home state of Washington to the sunny outdoor courts in Tucson, Colton Smith has come a long way on his tennis journey. Read more

Ex-Wildcats represent in NBA playoffs

The 2021-22 NBA playoffs began on Saturday, April 16, and they offer a Wildcat twist to this year's pursuit of the Larry O’Brien trophy. With six players from the University of Arizona and one head coach, Steve Kerr, this year's playoffs will give Wildcat fans something to look forward to. Read more