Zim Whim: Sports network will push UA ahead

For avid Wildcat sports fans, last week's announcement of the Arizona Wildcats Sports Network left some viewers grateful but many others aghast. In short, the AWSN will ensure statewide Wildcat basketball and football coverage when Pacific 10 Conference networks don't pick up a game for broadcast. Read more

Your guide to the UA's key players

This might be the first time you've picked up a copy of the Wildcat, but chances are it won't be the last. When you start reading us in the fall, you'll probably notice some familiar names popping up again and again in our news section. Long-time readers will be familiar with them, but newbies may well be left feeling adrift. Read more

A freshman's first gameday

12:00 p.m. - Wake up. It's time for your first college football gameday of the year. Okay, you might be a little hung over or simply tired after a long Friday night. You have the option to hit the snooze button, but if you can get up, hydrate yourself and eat something light and easy to digest - salad works. Read more

Big men not playing large

When current New York Knick and NBA Rookie-of-the-Year candidate Channing Frye graduated, he left big shoes to fill. Arizona had a number of big bodies and big feet to fill those shoes, however, and men's basketball head coach Lute Olson and his coaching staff were excited to use their frontcourt depth against opponents. Read more