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Column: Bobby Hurley awakened the beast in Arizona

As a second year head coach, was it smart for Darth Vader or the artist formerly known as Hurley to make those remarks? Arizona normally treated the clash with its in-state foe just like any other game regardless of bragging rights at stake. Read more

Cause behind Auld Dubliner closure remains a mystery

The Auld Dubliner, a local bar, recently closed with no warning to the public besides a sign posted on the doors by the Marshall Foundation, landlord of the property the bar occupied. No warning for the bargoers was given before one of their favorite bars became no more. Read more

OSIRIS-REx to search for Trojan Asteroids

In February, the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx will begin a search for Trojan asteroids—unique asteroids that share Earth’s orbit. The search will take place over a period of 10-12 days and will be conducted by a team at UA’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. “[This search] gives us a chance to really practice a maneuver that we will execute again in 2 years and ensure that we’re performing it correctly, our cameras are working appropriately, and it’ll be an added plus if, during that search, we find a Trojan asteroid,” said Sara Knutson, OSIRIS-REx science operations lead engineer for the mission. Read more

Arizona cruises over Hurley, Sun Devils 91-75

It was embarrassment of riches for the Wildcats against the Sun Devils. Freshman Lauri Markkanen had a personal three-point shooting contest, Rawle Alkins had a dunk party, and Dusan Ristic continued to put on efficiency clinics in the paint. Read more

City Council looks to decrease distracted driving with proposed ordinance

The Tucson City Council discussed a proposed new ordinance regarding new penalties for distracted driving during its Tuesday night meeting. Under this proposed ordinance, distracted driving, including using mobile handheld devices, would be considered a secondary offense. A secondary offense means a driver would have to be pulled over for an offense such as speeding first, and then be additionally charged with distracted driving. Read more

Three science events to look out for in 2017

2016 saw many scientific discoveries like advanced drone technology research, the first space mission to an asteroid launched, and the EMDrive broke the laws of physics, just to name a few. With new innovations and breakthroughs in science happening in the blink of an eye, we decided to make it easier to stay up to date on some important approaching news. Read more

Cellist Matt Haimovitz brings Bach to UA

Classical music simply has the ability to soothe the soul. It allows us to listen, learn and maybe even understand the world slightly better. Any Tucson resident looking to get their classical music fix should catch one of cellist Matt Haimovitz’s performances next week as he performs J.S. Bach’s six suites for solo cello, with each suite accompanied by an overture written by one of today’s great composers. Read more