OPINION: Let women be women

Women’s rights have progressed monumentally, and Women’s History Month is a celebration of all of the important ways that women have contributed and continue to contribute to society. However, even today, women and girls are berated for their every like and dislike, from trends and fashion to popular culture.  Read more

A lackluster year for UA student government

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona is the UA’s undergraduate student governing body; however, throughout the duration of the 2021-22 academic year, the body hasn’t done much governing. As the ASUA election season approaches, the Daily Wildcat took a look at the past seven months of activity of the UA’s student government.  Read more

Where to watch Arizona basketball

For the first time in the history of the University of Arizona basketball programs, both the men and women are going to the NCAA tournament. While some people will make the trek to San Diego to see the men take on Wright State University on Friday, March 18, most of us will be watching from home or our favorite watering holes. Here are the top locations to watch Arizona play. Read more

OPINION: Don't comment on someone's body, good or bad

In a society that glorifies beauty and thinness, many individuals don’t always realize that complimenting and making comments regarding physical characteristics and body types can actually be harmful. Complimenting another individual's appearance or making a comment regarding their physical features is something that most people don’t see as a negative thing to do.  Read more