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Best places to see 4th of July fireworks on campus

Once the sun goes down on the Fourth of July in Tucson, people turn west toward ‘A’ Mountain, also known as Sentinel Peak, for the fireworks display, to end the holiday with a bang. The Tucson Fire Department oversees the setup of these fireworks and starts the display around 9:15 p.m.  Read more

Cobra Arcade Bar holds grand opening Friday

The arcade-bar concept was developed in Phoenix prior to opening a second location here in Tucson. According to an article in the June 27 Tucson Weekly, the concept is the work co-founders Ariel Bracamonte and Chuckie Duff.  Read more

News Briefs 06/20/18 — 06/26/18:

Last week, the Los Angeles Times featured an article quoting Antar Davidson, a former employee of Estrella del Norte, a “shelter” in Tucson for newly separated and unaccompanied undocumented minors.  Read more

What to do with your weekend

 Treat your dad to an early Father’s Day treat by grabbing tickets for the premiere showcase of Tucson’s Mexican food culture hosted by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. With more than 20 different restaurants on hand, even the mildest salsa pallet should be represented.  Read more

Title IX: What is it?

Over forty years ago Edith Louise Starrett Green, a congresswoman from Oregon, sponsored a bill championing equity in education. That bill eventually changed the rules when Congress approved an educational amendment to give girls and women equal opportunities in education.  Read more

Tapping into the lives of Tapingo couriers

Hundreds of students know what it’s like to place an order on Tapingo, but not many know what happens between that moment and the moment when the food arrives at their doors.  That’s where Tapingo couriers kick in to gear.  Read more