Misinformation regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine in the Middle East

The issue is misinformation, new sources in the Middle East lack transparency, and the news content regarding covid-19 is fragile, which has led many Arabs to distrust the vaccine and spread misinformation regarding it. There are many reasons why people spread false information. Sometimes it is to create chaos and unnecessary fuss, manipulation, or sometimes to gain some sort of attention. Since the pandemic began in 2020, the distribution of false statements and false news about the coronavirus and covid-19 have increased exponentially.  Read more

The PAC to end all PACs comes to UA

In a time of historic wealth inequality and a general election that saw record campaign spending, a new political organization is on a mission to drastically reduce the role of big money in politics and expand voting rights.  Read more

Ongoing debate in UA community about security cameras on campus

University of Arizona student, Forrest Keys, died during a shooting at the Cherry Avenue garage on Saturday, Feb. 20. A petition was made shortly after the shooting to install security cameras in all of the entrances and exits of garages on campus. The petition also wants to push for cameras on every level of the garages.  Read more

'Locals Only' art show skates onto Fourth Avenue

Stepping off the sidewalk into &gallery on Fourth Avenue, my ears filled with softly-playing punk music. I had stepped in to see the &gallery’s show of the month called “Locals Only Skate Deck art show,” which invited local Tucson artists to express themselves on the unconventional canvas of the skateboard deck.  Read more

Digital storytelling at UA: Promoting anti-racism through virtual reality

A developing pilot project titled the "University of Arizona Extended Reality Initiative" aims to promote anti-racism using immersive experiences and augmented reality.  According to Bryan Carter, director of the Center for Digital Humanities, associate professor of Africana Studies at the University of Arizona and team member for the initiative, the project uses two types of virtual reality. Participants are immersed in a completely different world through headsets and 360-degree videography or engaged in an augmented reality, combining the real world with virtual objects. Read more

The naturally unique and beautiful side to Tucson

With its rugged desert landscapes and a plethora of wildlife, the natural environment surrounding Tucson is undoubtedly remarkable. Stepping back from the familiarity of Old Main and University Boulevard reveals what Tucson has to offer and how community members and students can experience its nature for themselves.  Read more