Trump Comes to Tucson

President Donald Trump came to Tucson to host a rally for his re-election campaign Monday, Oct. 19. The rally was part of a two-stop trip through Arizona, with a rally in Prescott on Monday morning before flying to Tucson Airport.  Read more

Your Arizona ballot, explained

Elections are approaching quickly and every day voting is all you seem to hear about. To help you out, we’re diving into what your 2020 ballot will look like before you hit the polls.   Read more

From visas to voting, international students express their thoughts on the upcoming election

The University of Arizona hosts more than four thousand international students, who are part of the over 1 million international students who leave their home countries to live, study and work across the United States. While studying in a new country offers unique opportunities to engage with different cultures, industries and education, it also comes with a plethora of concerns, particularly surrounding the United States' controversial and ever-changing immigration policies.  Read more

Election 2020: Your guide to 2020 Ballot Propositions

Arizonans across the state will go to the polls this November for the 2020 General Election. Along with the political candidates that citizens will elect, voters will also have the opportunity to vote on several propositions to become law. Here’s a guide to major propositions that Pima County residents will be asked to vote on.  Read more

Election 2020: Is Arizona finally going blue?

Traditionally, Arizona has had great consistency in being red: the red rocks, the red sunsets, and being a red state. Rooted in it’s Western heritage, Arizonans tend to consider their individual liberties and ideas of small government to be of great importance to them.  If you’ve lived in Arizona for a long time, you don’t think twice when you see something like supermarket shoppers and movie theater goers wearing firearms. As the 2020 elections draw closer, it is becoming increasingly clear that Arizona’s long perceived stance as a red, or Republican, state could shift to change the entire election. Read more

Spring break canceled for 2020-21 academic year

 The Office of Provost sent out an official email Wednesday announcing that spring break 2021 is cancelled.  The 2021 spring break will be replaced with a series of reading days spread throughout the spring semester, on Feb. 25, March 9, March 10, April 2 and April 21.  “This adjustment to the Academic Calendar is a necessary component of our ongoing commitment to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Tucson community and across the nation by reducing travel by faculty, staff, and students," said Provost Liesl Folks in an email. Read more

UA Webinar examines US-China relations since COVID-19

Every year, thousands of international students come to the U.S. to get an education. Chinese students comprise the largest international student group in the United States and at the University of Arizona. With the U.S. and China placing the first two places in the world economic leading, these two countries interact with each other regularly on an international scale. Read more

Tucson Meet Yourself ‘reframes’ itself for 2020

A local annual tradition kicked off Oct. 1 with new virtual and socially distanced in-person formats. This year’s Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival has been “reframed” to safely serve the community without losing the element of entertainment.  Read more

What the university is doing to protect UA essential workers

The ever-resilient University of Arizona essential workers have risen to the challenge and become the unsung heroes in the university's stand against COVID-19.  The University of Arizona’s Facilities Management and Student Unions have a combined staff of nearly 1,000 full-time essential workers who work diligently for the good of the campus community despite the risks posed to themselves in this pandemic.  The university has in turn set up comprehensive protections and procedures to keep these essential employees safe, and thus far, these protections have yielded positive results.  Read more

Former UA professor arrested for child pornography

A former University of Arizona faculty member was arrested in Texas last month for possession of child pornography. The Dean of the UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, John Paul Jones III, addressed the news in an email sent out Friday night.  Read more